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Last Updated 26th November 2014


Email on the 5MX

Using a Psion 5MX and a Nokia N73 mobile phone for Email and Internet access


NOKIA N73 and PSION 5 & 5MX


This paper addresses the issues of using the PSION 5 series of PDA with S60 generation mobile phones , in particular the Nokia N73, for receiving Email and coping with the authentication protocols now put in place by service providers when sending Email.

Solutions to sending Email on earlier generation mobile phones, in particular the Nokia 6310i , are also set out.

Receiving Email.

Email can be easily received on both Psion 5 and 5MX using the Psion Mail program.

This should be set up in accordance with the Psion Email guide and the information provided by your ISP. I have found that the simplest Modem settings work for both phones and the Psion infrared modem.

Init String: ATZ
Flow: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
Terminal detect: DSR/DTR

Sending Email

It is safe to assume that all common ISP's have authentication in place for sending email. The Psion as supplied cannot cope with the protocols required. One option is to use an smtp server that does not use authentication. I have failed to find one as the one I used to use now requires authentication. This would work well with the Nokia 6310 on Virgin Mobile. The Nokia N73 modem is pre programmed to request authentication and gets an error report if authentication is not used.

There are 2 other options:

a) Instal an alternative Mail program such as XJMail the link to which is below.This works on both the series 5 and 5mx. This is now my prefered option.

b) On the 5mx instal the Java system software provided on the PsiWin disc and then instal SMTPAuth which provides the appropriate protocols and enables the continued use of the Psion E-Mail program.
Again a link to this is below.

When using the 5mx with the nokia N73 configure the dialing as HOME i.e. a landline as the N73 modem cannot cope with the SMS setup commands in the MOBILE email script.

Thus the 10 year Psion can continue into the 21st century with full functionality.

I am happy to discuss any of this via email - john@tobidog.com.


If you are looking for an English operating system for a german Psion 5mx Pro look here:


SmtpAuth can be downloaded from here:


you also need:


Here is the XJmail help file:


XJ mail addons for sub directory Importer in Xjmail app







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Prepared on Psion 5MX using PSIDat email - john@tobidog.com

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