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21st Century

Last Updated – 27th December 2012



About this Web site
There is a large archive of EPOC software and advice on the Net . I have located well over 1000 programs. Much of the information available is no longer updated and over ten years old. Links, addresses etc are becoming out of date. Some sites are now closing down.
This Website will try to keep current users of the Psion 5MX etc aware of the current location of some of the best software. Some Email Addresses / websites have been located recently which make registration ( sometimes for no charge ) possible again.
Any software seen on Ebay etc will be flagged up.
It is also planned that some comparative reviews will be provided to assist todays users .Many people snapping up the Psions on Ebay may not be aware of the very powerful tools available.
Every attempt will be made to prevent any duplication between this and other current sites such as "The Entertainer" which is doing sterling work on Epoc Games.
Some difficult to find software will be available from this site ( Copyright / abandoned status permiting ). In a few cases general registration keys will be available where the copyright holders are untraceable. This will make some of the games on the "Entertainer" database more enjoyable.

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