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Abandonware If any author / copyright holder wishes to remove software or
keys from this site please contact me with adequate identity.
I have no desire to take income away from any author and will
make extensive enquiries before publishing any keys or making
commercial software available.

Much EPOC software is 10 years or more old .The authors are
sometimes not traceable and some commercial software is no
longer supported. This is a real problem if keys to register and
unlock important program functionality are needed , especially
if these are linked to the machine unique ID.

Bridge Pro (Purple ) BridgePro Here is an UNSUPPORTED copy of BridgePro (Purple Software) .

Although you must enter a name on first using it does not require registration as such.
It is unsupported software and so please do not bother
the current copyright holder with any queries or he may be less
helpful in future.
It either works or it does not.

Hope you enjoy it.
Client-L or Ward 5 Client-L/Ward 5 This versatile client/case management database program is now available from this web site. See the link.
The author's web page has closed owing to problems with the ISP.
The authors old site is archived at:

For full functionality the program needs to be registered.
The author has issued the following general registration:
Psion User

CaliGrapher Caligrapher A handwriting recognition program no longer available
in EPOC format other than the odd 2nd hand copy.

CaliGraph. Update Caligrapher Update An update for Caligrapher.
Corisoft Corisoft Site Corisoft are now marketing the following programs that used to be
available through Pocket IQ:
Smallbase; WAYD;Supertree;TrackIT;My Family;ObjectData;
ProjExpert; Business Warrior; X-Link; DCP; Trip+
Trial Downloads are available from the site.
Calculators for PSIO Calculators Here is a section on Calculators for the Psion which
is an ongoing project.
DsLink DSLink exe Here is the DSLINK Exec file for your Windows pc.
DsLink DsLink Here is some documentation about DSLINK
a pc program which allows you to access Email
etc on your
Psion using your PC internet link dial up or

Dark Horizons Dark Horizons This is probably the largest game for the Psion written in OPL and
can be downloaded from "The Entertainer" , the authors site, and
elsewhere but needs to be registered for full use. . The author's current email address is: js_greenwood@hotmail.com. or
jsg at jsgreenwood.com . If the last one does not work try the
other one.

There may be a delay in replies due to work commitments.
Dreamconnect Dreamconnect This is a contact manager program and is now freeware
at http://www.dreamspring.com/products/dreamconnect-for-er5/dreamconnect.html
Devender Links DEVENDER (download from "the Entertainer")
This can be registered via Paypal through the author -
M.C.Wheadon@kent.ac.uk. Please contact him before trying to
Easy Fax EasyFax Originally issued by Psion to allow the sending of faxes
in pre Message Suite days, May work on the REVO.
Ericsson Catalogue Ericsson Catalogue Ericcson Catalogue of hardware and software of a decade or so
Some software may still be on websites or Ebay.
FatKatz Magic Keys Recently Ted Cross tracked down a copy of FatCatz "Magic Keys"
which performs the same function as the Microsoft Office
Clipboard on a PC. FatKatz are now BinaryFish. They are offering
"MagicKeys" with a free generic registration code plus other
software for Psions.

FileNote by Edo FileNote This is an alternative file management system
and has a lot of functionality over the EPOC system.
If the file download from the author's site does not work please
let the him know.
Hearts and Cribbage Nick Dawkins Nick Dawkins has written several programs such as Hearts and
Cribbage which need registering to release all the features. The
current copyright holder has been traced but cannot issue any
registration codes so unfortunately these programs will remain
Unregistered versions are available from the link ( to The
Entertainer ).
Hyperterminal Hyperterminal If you have Windows 7 Home premium 64bit and thus cannot use PsiWin for file transfer etc. there are a couple of options:
1. Install Oracle VM VirtualBox and run Windows XP within this
environment - works A1 OK.
2. For simple file transfers copy the Hyperterminal files in Windows XP across to your Windows 7 machine and run it under Windows 7.
This works very well for simple file transfers.
Imperium Imperium The author has kindly issued the general code of

This program was recently reviewed in the Entertainer.

It is also available for the Iphone and Ipad as
jongjong32 jongjong32 This full version of Mah Jongg has 5 "passwords" embeded
in it to allow "cheats". Access is through the Menu key.
I am told these are:
999888 Change picture
327480 Replace piece
778222 Disppcs
358147 Tiles Exchange
409662 Tiles Change
These are not tested and you use at your own risk.

The firm originally distributing this no longer respond to emails
or faxes and seem to have abandoned their Psion offerings.
if you email me your Psion unique ID I can forward a code to
"register" the program.
Jumpy Jumpy This program has proved to be unregisterable, HOWEVER the
author Jon Read, has recently contacted me and has no
objection to a general registration code being published here.

A general code is User name: jumpy
Registration: 26DB-A39C-0678-81AA
0 is zero in the above.

Kylom Software Kylom Description Short paper on Converti, MiniCalc and Porfolio from
Kylom (includes how to register)
Kylom Converti505 SIS file for Converti
Kylom Minicalc Minicalc SIS file
Kylom Porfolio SIS file for Porfolio
Knockout Whist PSIGAMER This can be downloaded from PSIGAMER.
Email me for the key.
MyPocket MyPocket Manual Manual for MyPocket synchronisation program.
MyPocket Program Zip file containing the MyPocket program and its installer.
This version is the general version for the Psion 5MX etc.
I have found that it works well with PSIWIN 2.3.

In fact when installed it integrates with PSIWIN and you can
access the synchronisation screen directly from it.

It works best if the PC file format chosen for conversion is
Word 97 or Excel 97 as appropriate. An alternative for Word documents is RTF format.

The MC218 has a seperate version of the program.
My Pocket MC218 MC 218 My Pocket Here is a link for MyPocket for the MC218. This is a specific version for this machine.
MC 218 various files MC218variousfiles Contains:
MyPocket 218, Offline Web, DEMO1 SIS,
Workaround for Windows XP
User Manual, Mobilei Internet.sis,
MyPocket Manual, Offline Web Manual.

A copy of the full MC218 CD is on the Pscience5 site
under Psion Support files: EPOC

Mah Jongg mahjongg A working version of Mah Jongg . The authors website and Regnet
placing have disappeared so this is assumed to be abandonware.
An email has been sent to the author via his last know academic
Mobipocket Mobipocket Here is the Mobipocket Reader which will enable
you to read Ebooks from Mobipocket.com and other
sites such as BooksOnBoard.
Mobipocket has a machine specific code (PID) on the about tab.
You need to enter this on the site supplying your books

MobiPocket have issued 2 free registration codes:
MondoPondo MondoPondo MondoPondo: a Multi Player party game. Addon modules
if you register the fully playable demo version. Dares or
truths as forfeits if you get it wrong.
See another item for registration.
Monopoly - Psion Monopoly Unzip this folder and copy to system/apps on your Psion.
No known commercial download links.

MacConnect Manual MacConnectManual MacConnect manual to complement the program on the
PScience5 site.
Neuon-Adam Dawes Epoc Regn The Neuon programs written by Adam Dawes can now be
registered for 10. see the link.
This covers:
Tile Fall
Chain Reaction (as reviewed in the 1st issue of
"The Entertainer")
Neuon Programs Neuon Programs Registration Old Neuon programs with registration codes.
Osaris FAQ Osaris faq An historical item - the PDF of the freqently asked question that
came with the Osaris.
PSILOC The link for free downloads and registration of
PSILOC ER5 programs is now no longer on the PSILOC
PGP- PGP PGP- Pretty Good Privacy- an unbeatable encryption program.
See Reviews on this site.
Also downloadable from PScience5 site.
Also from :http://www.symbiangear.com/en/usd/device:Psion_Serie+5/freedownload.html?pid=103409
PsINMEA PsINMEA Manual English Translation of the manual for this GPS program.
Psion 5 Service manu S5 service manual Copyright Psion. For personal use only.
The method of dismantling shown on the PSIONFLEXI site
is less destructive.
Psi Soccer Manager psoccerm This was released by Artamedia Ltd. Their successor company will
not respond to requests about this program.
Registration is through a key derived from the Psion unique id or a
word from the manual.
Entering 9 spaces as the keyword should get you started so I am
told. If it does not please let me know.
The Demonstration Program does not appear to convert to the full
version so this needs to be acquired seperately.(see link)

A boxed version is advertised at PSIONEX.
Twiddlebit - Plan5 Twiddlebit - Plan5 Plan5 by Twiddlebit software is a project planning program
similiar to and compatible with Microsoft Project.
It can be purchased for 7.51p.
Purple Powerbase Purple Powerbase Purple Powerbase for EPOC now appears to have been abandoned and has been removed from the Handango site. Unsupported copies have been offered on enquiry so a full zip pack is now on this site.

Purple Powerbase Powerbase Tutorial Here is a copy of the FoxPop Powerbase tutorial for Purple
Powerbase database.
Purple Powerbase Powerbase Here is a copy of the manual for Purple Softwares "Powerbase"

PSION PARI-GP Pari-GP Here is the most powerful and fast calculator for the Psion.
Aimed at Computer aided number theory. Precision can be to
millions of digits! if you wish.

Full details, handbook,tuition etc in English from
Ultimate Poker Ultimate Poker This the best poker game I have seen but regretably the author
is currently not traceable. He was providing a PC version
about 3 years ago but there the trail grows cold.
The link takes you to a download site. A general registration code is: anyuser 19602
Ultimate Poker Utility for Upoker The program does not include any means of resetting the cash
of the players. This OPO will let you do that.
P-Plus Bridge The author of this excellent program can still be contacted at
Breva Software 0161 764 6800 and will supply the program on CD
and register existing copies for 23.
Psion Java Link Java Psion Link The link will lead you to a ZIP file with
jplalpha5.jar; javaxcomm ; A paper on PC / EPOC

JavaPsionLink is a Java program written by John
Montgomery to provide a cross platform solution for
transferring files between Psion Epoc PDAs and any computer with a serial port and the ability to run Java.
Javaxcomm is hard to find these days so I have included it in the ZIP file.
S5Dive S5Dive 1.7 Here is a copy of S5Dive divers log book version 1.7. S5Dive is a divers logbook which has been popular in the past
but has been abandoned by the author.
In its original form it required registration. It is highly protected
against reverse translation.
A deregistered copy is now available for download at the link
Unzip the file and copy the folder to ?:system/apps.
Testing has shown that the 10 dive limit can now be exceeded.
Clearly any use of this program for DIVING is AT YOUR OWN RISK as it is not supported software.

The design of this program is worth a look to see what OPL is capable of.
Since 2006 there has been a problem registering this program.
The web site has now gone along with many other free websites
and the registration links no longer work.
The author has confirmed (30 March 2011) that he has completely abandoned the program and has deleted the source code and the registration algorithm from his computer.
Sim City Sim City Sim City for Psion.
Rarely seen in the second hand market.
Spell Spell A zip file of the .sis files to install various language
versions of Spell ( spell checker ) on the Revo.
TomeRaider2 for EPOC TomeRaider2 for EPOC The EPOC version of TomeRaider 2 has vanished
from the website. Here is a copy.
See another item concerning registration of this
program and MondoPondo.

The PC version of TR3 can convert TR3 files toTR2.
Wari Wari etc Generic An email from the author has directed me to an old web address
where the author has posted the generic codes for 3 of his
shareware programs.

Thanks Trevor.

wari 43764
oedipus 47940
lightbox 82313
WebWorld WebWorld WebWorld was recently reviewed in Epoc Entertainer.
Unfortunately, unless the author provides new contact
details the program cannot be registered and is believed

The name webworld and code RIWESLNC (no numbers)
should extend use beyond 30 mins.

Wrippers Wrippers Wrippers was "almost" reviewed in issue 8 of
Epoc Entertainer. The unregistered version runs for so
short a period as to be unplayable.
The usual searches and attempted communication have not
identified a way of registering the program with the author.
I have therefore obtained a general registration code for this program.
This code is: anyuser 679798
When you first load the program a screen says press R to register.
Clear this screen by pressing Enter and then press R when the registration dialog will appear.

XTM pc emulator XTM Emulator XTM pc emulator for EPOC.
The NB Information Ltd website has closed.
The PROGRAMS section now has copies of the XTM PC emulator
software for all EPOC machine variants together with manuals and
a DOS virtual drive fully build to use with the program.
The program has an infinite trial and is now freeware.
See the link for this item.
Yadabyte Codes Yadabyte code Generator. Here is the code generator for TomeRaider and
MondoPondo. Run on your pc.

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Prepared on Psion 5MX using PSIDat email - john@tobidog.com

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